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When You Need Someone Who Knows the System

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When You Need Someone Who Knows the System

The law office of Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, is a family law and mediation firm. We represent clients throughout Martinez, Augusta and the surrounding Georgia communities.

Firm founder, Cara Sprouse Rowe, is dedicated to providing strong legal advocacy on behalf of people who need advice on family law and conducting mediations.

Known for being a highly experienced trial lawyer, she understands that every case needs its own approach. There are times when aggressive representation is necessary in order to protect her clients' rights and seek results that favor their interests. At other times, a collaborative approach can go a long way toward resolving disputes successfully.

Whatever direction each case requires, we can help. Cara Sprouse Rowe uses her extensive knowledge and experience as a courtroom litigator to maximize results for clients.

Hundreds of jury trials, thousands of bench trials and hearings — Augusta family law and divorce attorney Cara Sprouse Rowe knows the system.

At our firm, we limit our practice to family law and Mediaton so that we can provide the most effective service to our clients. These two areas of practice affect people's lives in substantial ways, and we are here to make sure that they get the best possible outcomes. Whether preparing for litigation in your case or helping two parents create a mutually beneficial parenting plan, our priority is always the best interests of you and your family.

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For experienced litigator in family law representation, and mediation turn to Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 706-250-7509, toll free at 800-647-2532, or contact us online. We offer short-term payment plans and accept all major credit cards.

Cara Sprouse Rowe Cara Sprouse Rowe

Cara Sprouse Rowe, Former State Prosecutor

Cara Sprouse Rowe has focused her career in the areas of family law and criminal defense. She is one of the few attorneys that have worked in thousands of civil, criminal, motion hearings, jury trials and bench trials. Her experience in both sides of the system, prosecution and defense, has allowed her to get the best results for her clients... {Read More}