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Through adoption, people join together to create new families. The firm of Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, is proud to be a part of that process for Georgia clients.

We have experience assisting clients with a variety of adoption needs, including:

  • DFCS Adoption: Assisting foster parents in an expediated adoption.
  • Stepparent adoption: When a new parent is part of the family, we assist him or her with adopting your child from a prior relationship. If the situation requires, we can help you terminate the rights of the other parent.
  • Same-sex couple adoption: Parents of the same sex wish to build a family together, we help them through the process step by step.
  • Family member adoption: We represent family members in the process of adopting a child in their family when the parent is unable to care for the child or has died.
  • Agency adoption: Many clients use adoption agencies to help find a child to adopt. Having your own lawyer can make a big difference, and we can help minimize delays or problems in the process.

Whatever your need, Augusta adoptions attorney Cara Sprouse Rowe will help you attain your goals. She knows the system well and can help make sure that you follow the procedures and requirements for each kind of adoption.

Our firm is committed to helping build stronger families in our community. The family law practice here is designed to protect your interests and develop solutions that reflect the best interests of the family.

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Cara Sprouse Rowe, Former State Prosecutor

Cara Sprouse Rowe has focused her career in the areas of family law and criminal defense. She is one of the few attorneys that have worked in thousands of civil, criminal, motion hearings, jury trials and bench trials. Her experience in both sides of the system, prosecution and defense, has allowed her to get the best results for her clients... {Read More}