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Our Priority Is the Best Interests of Your Children

Child custody and visitation issues are often the hardest matters to resolve during divorce. It is unfortunate when children are caught in the middle of feuding parents. Dealing with custody issues does not have to mean war, however.

The Georgia law firm of Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, is dedicated to providing family law legal services that serve the best interests of your children. We help our clients pursue their parental rights and interests while showing them the advantages of avoiding damaging disputes. After all, both parents are unavoidably tied to one another when there are children involved. It helps to find solutions that are respectful to everyone.

Our Services

Augusta child custody and visitation attorney Cara Sprouse Rowe approaches each custody matter with several goals: to put the needs of the children first and to give both parents a chance to maintain meaningful relationships with the children.

We are realistic, however, and realize that a collaborative method does not fit every situation. Cara Sprouse Rowe is versatile and tailors her strategy to each case. When necessary, she uses her extensive litigation background and skills to fight aggressively on behalf of her clients.

We can help you with any of the following issues:

  • Temporary custody
  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Enforcement and modification of child custody and child support orders
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Guardianship

Grandparent Visitation

More and more grandparents are seeking to protect their legal right to maintaining relationships with their grandchildren. Our office has represented many clients who, due to a variety of factors, need to have access to their grandchildren or who need to step in as primary care providers.

Guardianship Plans for Deployed Military Members

For military personnel facing deployment, providing alternatives for your children's care is extremely important. We can help you set up a parental safety plan to name a guardian for your children while you are serving abroad.

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Cara Sprouse Rowe, Former State Prosecutor

Cara Sprouse Rowe has focused her career in the areas of family law and criminal defense. She is one of the few attorneys that have worked in thousands of civil, criminal, motion hearings, jury trials and bench trials. Her experience in both sides of the system, prosecution and defense, has allowed her to get the best results for her clients... {Read More}