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Child Support

Georgia's child support guidelines play a major role in determining how much parents pay or receive in child support. The guidelines are exactly that — a guide. There are always exceptions and the family courts will consider justifiable reasons for departing from the guidelines.

The law office of Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, helps parents understand how much money they can expect to pay or receive in child support based on the guidelines. We will discuss your situation with you in detail and determine whether there might be a reason to go outside the guidelines.

We work on behalf of all parents throughout Augusta, Martinez and the surrounding communities. We help clients litigate their child support issues, including child care expens, percentage of parenting time and expenses of other children.

Understanding Child Support

Child support is intended to cover the basic living expenses incurred when raising a child. But the actual costs can easily exceed what child support accounts for. Our clients frequently have questions about expenses such as:

  • Transportation costs
  • Travel
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Child Care expense

At our law firm, Augusta child support attorney Cara Sprouse Rowe addresses all client concerns and questions. She takes the time to explain to parents that these expenses are accounted for and will ultimately reduce the child support owed or received.

Addressing Problems With Child Support Orders

Once child support is ordered, problems can still arise. We help clients deal with enforcement issues when one parent is not paying or payments are late. We also assist clients with making formal court requests for modification of child support when circumstances have changed.

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