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When divorce is on the horizon for any couple, there are many details to work out. Sometimes emotional roadblocks can prevent the successful and amicable resolution of conflicts. Having an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer on your side can make a big difference. An Augusta divorce attorney can provide accurate and invaluable information and advice to protect your rights.

For representation you can rely on, the law office of Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, is there. We represent clients in Augusta, Martinez and the surrounding Georgia areas.

Divorce is the process of legally ending a marriage. During the divorce process, a separation agreement is prepared to address important issues, including:

When you first meet with the firm's attorney, Cara Sprouse Rowe, she will explain the process and discuss different options. Then we will begin building your case as we gather information from you about your situation.

How the above issues are decided depends entirely on each unique situation. For example, factors such as adultery, domestic violence or cruel treatment could be considered in deciding how to divide marital assets. Or, debts can be allocated depending on each spouse's spending patterns if we can provide supporting evidence.

Tailoring Our Approach to the Needs of You and Your Family

Cara Sprouse Rowe has extensive trial experience and is always prepared to fight with tenacity for your rights and the rights of your children in court. First and foremost, she helps clients do what is best for the family unit, especially when there are children involved.

Not every situation requires hard-nosed litigation. We will attempt to negotiate or mediate a settlement and often this method proves successful. Ms. Rowe knows the system well and will quickly adjust her approach if this fails. At our law firm, we value our clients' objectives and will do as much as possible to protect their interests.

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Cara Sprouse Rowe, Former State Prosecutor

Cara Sprouse Rowe has focused her career in the areas of family law and criminal defense. She is one of the few attorneys that have worked in thousands of civil, criminal, motion hearings, jury trials and bench trials. Her experience in both sides of the system, prosecution and defense, has allowed her to get the best results for her clients... {Read More}