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If a child is born in Georgia without the marriage of the parents' then the Father should seek to legitimate the child. Legitimation gives the child the rights to inherit and in some cases the right to receive benefits from the Father as if the parents has been legally married.


A Father must legitimate before seeking custody or parenting time with his child. The status of joint custody allows the Father certain legal rights to be informed about education and medical information regarding the child and to have a say in major decisions made for the child. The Father can always Petition to Court for custody of the child/children. The law concerning custodial rights is complex but the Court always considers what is in the best interest of the minor child/children. Cara Sprouse Rowe has over twenty (20) years of litigation experience which enables her to navigate the Courtroom in her client's case.

Cara Sprouse Rowe has been litigating for Father's in Family Court Cases for over a decade and has been granted for her client's the Father's custody of the child/children. Remember, in a custody Petition the Court must be gender neutral at all times.

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