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Before seeking a protective order, have a safety plan in place

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Protective Orders |

Your marriage has been in danger for some time. Now, your life is in danger, too, because of the threats and physical abuse from your cruel spouse or partner. It is time to secure a family violence protective order.

What is a protective order? It is a legal document that prevents an abusive spouse from contacting, harassing and harming you, orders the spouse to vacate the house and gives you temporary child custody. However, before filing a protective order, make sure that you have a safety plan.

Millions of Americans are victims

An estimated 25% of U.S. women and 10% of men have been subjected to sexual and physical violence and stalking from a partner or spouse, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Because of such alarming statistics, there always will be a need for domestic abuse shelters and safety plans. A person at a domestic abuse shelter may be the best resource to help you assemble the plan, preparing you for a quick getaway.

Create a safety plan

A safety plan may include:

  • Important emergency numbers. The list should include contact information of trusted people, your children’s school, the police department and a domestic abuse shelter.
  • A trustworthy neighbor who can provide immediate and safe shelter for you and your children to hide before going to a domestic abuse shelter.
  • Going over an escape plan with your children and rehearsing it.
  • An emergency bag containing items such as clothing, medications, toiletries, cash, credit cards, health insurance cards, birth certificates, passports and immunization records of your children.

A safety plan is just the start of a new beginning for you and your children.

Carrying on with the right guidance

You are a survivor of domestic abuse. Getting that protective order is a crucial step. Also, make sure to assemble a safety plan and gradually get on with your life. With the right guidance, you are on your way to a better life without an abusive partner.