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Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law

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Case Summaries

I Casesummaries
J. H.: 4.17.2012; Criminal Damage to Property in the First Degree and Reckless Conduct; Result: Dismissed.

M. D.: 3.20.13; Aggravated Assault, Highjacking a Motor Vehicle, Possession of a Weapon During Commission of a Crime; Result: Dismissed

L. K.: March 2013; DUI; Result: Dismissed

S. P.: 6.20.2013; Theft of a Motor Vehicle; Result: Dismissed

D. F.: September 2013; DUI – 158; Result: Reduced to Reckless Driving, Probation and a Fine

C.P.: September 2013; DUI; Result: Dismissed

R. R.: Possession of Marijuana; Result: Reduced to Disorderly Conduct – Fine and Probation

J. S.: Child Molestation; Result: Probation – No Record

M.V.: Cited with two DUIs; Result: Both Dismissed

J. D.: 2nd DUI in a year; Result: Plea No Jail Time

S. T.: Hit and Run; Result: Dismissed

C.S.: July 2010; Possession of Alcohol by a Minor; Result: Dismissed

D. D.: 2013; Sole, Legal Custodial Parent; Result: Supervised Visitation to Father

E.W.: Primary Custodian, Divorce, Property Settlement

W. W.: Sole Legal Custodian with Supervised Visitation with Father

A.C.: Legitimation and Joint Custody

S.B.: Primary Physical Custodian with Visitation with Father

N.B.: Primary Physical Custody with Father with Visitation with Mother

E. R.: Primary Physical Custody with Father with Supervised Visitation with Mother

S.B.: August 2013; Result: Primary Physical Custody with Father with Visitation with Mother

N. B.: Motion to set aside Judgment on Paternity; Result: Granted

V. K.: Divorce, Adultery, Alimony, Property Settlement; Result: Bench Trial

D. P.: 2013; Result: Child Support and Modification of Visitation

B. J.: 2013; Result: Modification of Visitation and Child Support

C. E.: Primary Custodian with Supervised Visitation with Father

J. G.: Adoption

J.B.: Adoption Step; Result: Parent Adoption

T. M.: Termination of Father’s Parental Rights

J.G.: Termination of Mother and Father’s Parental Rights

L.S.: Grandfather; Result: Transfer of Custody

C. T.: 2.20.2013; Bench Trial; Result: Disorderly Conduct, Family Violence – Dismissed

D.A.: Possession of Marijuana; Result: amended to county ordinances of Disorderly Conduct-60 days of probation unsupervised and a fine of $100.00

W.B: Suspended License; Result: Dismissed

T.B.: No Driver’s License and Hit and Run; Result: plea to a lesser charge; no suspension of driving privileges

J.B.: Rape, Aggravated Assault, Criminal Trespass, Family Violence Battery, Cruelty to Animals; Result: Dismissed of Rape, Aggravated Assault and Criminal Trespass. Dismissal and Dead Docket of Family Violence Battery and Cruelty to Animals

Military Court Martial: Rape, Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer; Result: Acquitted in 7 minutes

Rape: Columbia County; Result: Dismissed

E.H.: Possession of Marijuana; Result: amended to Disorderly Conduct-probation and fine.

E.O.: Custody Petition to Father-allegation of unfit mother; Result: Full Custody to father; no visitation to mother

W.C.: DUI with Serious Injury- previous DUI Criminal History; Result: plea to DUI, 12 hrs jail, credit for time served, probation, and fine.

J.C.: Hit and Run- amended to Duty upon Striking a Fixture; Result: no suspension of driving privileges.

M.C.: Damage to Property in the Second Degree; Result: Dismissed

S.C.: Theft by Shoplifting; Result: Dead Docket and Dismissal

R.D.: Pointing a Weapon; Result: Dead Docket and Dismissal

N.D.: Temporary Restraining Order; Result: 12 Month Protection Order

D.O.: Probation Revocation; Result: Denied

R.D.: DUI; Result: Reckless Driving

C.L.: DUI (.16), Accident: Result- Too Fast for Conditions; Result: Dismissal of all other charges

R.E.: Disorderly Conduct; Result: Dead Docket and Dismissal

W.E.: 4th Suspend License; Result: No Driver’s License, probation and fine-no suspension of driving privileges

G.S.: Speeding, Super Speeder 31 miles over the limit; Result: Reduced to non reporting of the ticket, no record, and fine.

E.F.: Suspended License; Result: Amended to No Driver’s License, no suspension of driving privileges

Peeping Tom: Result: Dismissal

D.L.: Stalking- amended to Harassing Phone Calls; Result: No Record

J.S.: Child Molestation- amended to Sexual Battery; Result: Probation, No Record

D.: Child Molestation-amended to Sexual Batter; Result: Probation

B.G.: DUI; Result: Reckless Conduct, No Record

S.H.: Simple Battery-Probable Cause Hearing/Pre-warrant; Result: Dismissal

C.H.: Probation Revocation; Result: Denied and placed back on probation

T.E.: Motion to Vacate Sentence; Result: Granted

S.H.: Result: Dead Docket

T.L.: Speeding; Result: Reduction

J.R.: Speeding; Result: Reduction

J.B.: Speeding; Result: Reduction

R.: Speeding 30 miles over the limit; Super Speeder; Result: Reduced to non-reporting of ticket and fine

R.B.: Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana; Result: Disorderly Conduct-Also had probation violation hearing-revocation denied-placed back on probation.

D.M.: Motion to Remold (Prison Sentence); Result: Released from prison- placed on probation

J.M.: Possession of Methamphetamine; Result: Dismissal

J.M.: Public Indecency; Result: Disorderly Conduct

G.M.: Family Violence, Simple Battery; Result: Disorderly Conduct

S.M.: Reckless Driving; Result: Dismissal

G.M.: DUI; Result: Amended to Reckless Conduct

K.T.: 6.7.2012; Result: DUI amended to Reckless Driving, paid a fine in Court, no probation -community service-DUI school or loss of driving privileges

Cara Sprouse Rowe

Cara Sprouse Rowe, Former State Prosecutor

Cara Sprouse Rowe has focused her career in the areas of family law and criminal defense. She is one of the few attorneys that have worked in thousands of civil, criminal, motion hearings, jury trials and bench trials. Her experience in both sides of the system, prosecution and defense, has allowed her to get the best results for her clients…

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Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law

519 Pleasant Home Road A-3
Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-250-7509
Toll free: 800-647-2532
Fax: 706-650-7526

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